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    May-June 2022 Penn Connection

    We’re welcoming the summer sunshine with giveaways, promotions, and plenty of bright ideas to kick your marketing presence into full gear. Win $500 worth of Assis’s innovative Loop products, a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive way to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and enhance healing in soft tissue and bone. Explore our May/June marketing calendar with in-office and social media marketing prompts. Not sure where to get started with social media? Check out our 3 Simple & Impactful Social Media Tactics for Every Hospital. Explore promotions and innovations from Practivet, Dechra, our new partner BloxR, and more. And don't forget to thank your staff in a meaningful way with 7 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Staff.

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    PENN March-April 2022 Magazine-web

    Hello, spring! The sun is on its way...and so are the pesky pests that come with it. In this edition, we're talking regional tick threats in 2022, as well as tips for increasing client preventive compliance. Check out our free list of marketing and promotional prompts for March and April, the return of Loxicom Oral Suspension by Norbrook, promotions on essential spring products like Vet-Kem by PRN, and free equine customer education resources. The Penn Vet staff celebrates World Veterinary Day with our favorite stories of dedicated veterinary professionals. Oh, and don't miss our $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

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    PENN Jan-Feb 2022 Magazine-web

    Happy New Year from Penn Vet! This month, we’re focused on pet dental health with a $900 free dental equipment giveaway from Dentanomic (plus insight into making extractions easier with Dentanomic Dental Instruments), a look at Bionet’s ZEN-PX4 Vet wireless handheld dental x-ray system, and popular home health dental products like Enzadent & Dentahex, Perio Support Pro, C.E.T. VeggieDent FR3SH, and more. We’re looking forward to winter conferences at VMX (booth #1504) and Midwest (booths #205 & #207). Norbrook’s Carprieve Injection is coming back, so preorder today! Supercharge your 2022 with new services, including PetDesk communication optimization, VetShipRx pharmaceutical delivery, and Premium Compounding custom medications.